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"Orbita" mini-hotel is the first "boutique" class hotel in Shymkent. This format intends a special design style, high fashion sense, exclusive service..

The hotel is located in a reconstructed 2-storey building built in 1950 by Japanese war prisoners. Shortly after the historic flight of Yuri Gagarin, the first floor of a residential building was reconstructed into an Orbita electrical appliances store. In 2000, after a global modernization, a new stage in the life of the building began, which retained its original name. In addition, in memory of the "roots", the original Japanese numbering of the rooms - counterclockwise - is preserved, and the traditional Japanese boat is used in the hotel logo.

The hotel room capacity today is 13 design rooms

The overall design of the boutique hotel is made in the technique of medieval fachwerk, while the layout and design of each room is purely individual, and design solutions surprise with their originality. Natural straw and aged wall boards perfectly complement the high-tech "filling" of the rooms, which meets the most modern requirements for comfort and safety.


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